“A Room With A View”.  “

… to lean out into sunshine with beautiful hills and trees and marble churches opposite, and, close below, Arno, gurgling against the embankment of the road.” This was how E.M. Forsterroom with a view described how Lucy adored the view of the Arno through the pension window; but George’s first memory was of himself and his parents gazing at a view.

The book was more than a romance novel, though the love story was beautiful. Forster used the room with a view to open Lucy sheltered eyes to the people in Italy unlike those she had known growing up in the English countryside. She then was able to see the informal social classes in Italy were that made Lucy realize that the social boundaries she had adapted to were actually arbitrary.  At the end, Lucy sensed that there could be beauty in the things and people that are considered improper or imperfect.

The uniqueness of the Ponte Vechhio over Arno in Florence is that it combines the function of piazza with a bustling marketplace artistically. It enables people to social on the bridge urbanistically while transpassing the bridge. It’s easy to fall in love with the Ponte Vechhio.

— Ponte Vecchio post card


  • The bridge consists of three segmental arches: the main arch has a span of 30 meters (98 ft) the two side arches each span 27 meters (88 ft).

  • At the end of the 16th century, they abolished the marketplace that gave to jewelers and goldsmiths.

  • During World War II, the Ponte Vecchio was not destroyed by Germans.

Buongiorno, everyone 🙂 

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