The Kung Fu Performance

The saturated colors of lighting, music, and performances of the two shows we saw in China were dramatic. IMG_1056

The Kung Fu was based on a story of a monk’s life-long struggle.  When Yi was brought to the master of the Buddhist temple, he was only a little boy. There, he became very much interested in Kung Fu. When he grew into an energetic young man, he resisted the Buddhism that his master had taught him.  But years later, he humbly returned to his master for enlightenment. Due to his Kung Fu practices, he was both physically and mentally strong, thus he was able to achieve the highest spiritual level.

The last scene was quite moving. Yi was turning into an aged monk, he walked slowly toward the master’s seat accompanied by a little boy, who was at the same age as he was when he first met the master of the temple.

CHN 430_1 (1)

Another show we watched was in Xian. The story was based on the ancient music and dancing of Tang Dynasty (618–906), which was the most glorious time in the Chinese history.

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30 thoughts on “The Kung Fu Performance

  1. I’m half-Chinese, but have never been to China. My dad was from Hong Kong, but died when I was only one. So thank you for sharing a bit of my heritage with me…and others on WordPress. 🙂


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