Joys of Travel (part 2)


Every morning, breakfast started at 7:00 am for travelers. There, we had variety of food to choose– an array of Chinese breakfasts on one side, and omelets, pancakes, breads, cheese, ham, and sushi on another side of the buffet table, plus a whole line of fresh, colorful fruits at the end.



Chefs were there to serve hot Chinese breakfast upon the individual’s order:


Our friendly chef was making the traditional Beijing hand-pulled noodles:


Here are the cold dishes (appetizers). As soon as the cold dishes were consumed, they started serving dinner immediately, and we just wished we didn’t eat all the delicious appetizers.


Here are a few photos of the 20 dishes we had in Shanghai:

I never saved room for deserts πŸ™‚


Well, this was the desert they served on the airplane πŸ˜•


P.S. The photos of the breakfast and desserts were taken in the hotel restaurant in Beijing and Shanghai. The dinner showing aboveΒ was the last meal we had with our travel buddies in Shanghai.

In between, I never had a chance to take any photos of the wonderful food we had, either because my travel buddies indulged a little too fast or I was too slow…

Joys of Travel part IΒ Thank you for visiting!

49 thoughts on “Joys of Travel (part 2)

    • Thank you for letting me share the joys. We were very lucky that we traveled with bunch people with the same interests and the same respect of culture, yet with a large gap in ages (20s to 70s), and all came from different countries πŸ™‚


    • So glad to hear you like Chinese food. Some of the dishes are not so healthy, but Chinese food is always well balanced–meat, seafood, and varieties of veggie and fruits.


  1. Lovely meals for sure Amy. I also like to eat a lot when there’s travelling involved. Luckily it doesn’t happen often. Can you imagine? LOL! Great selection of photo’s for Paula’s challenge and thanks for sharing. πŸ˜€ *big hugs*


    • I found it is hard not to over eat when we travel. That’s a part of the joys πŸ™‚ The eating part of this trip was out of control, I think it was because we traveled with a bunch of wonderful, open-minded, and fun people.


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    • These dished are not so healthy though… I found that Chinese food we had was well balanced with meat, seafood, viggies, and fruits, not so much sweets πŸ™‚ Thank you, LuAnn.


  3. Great post!!! I like it…I have a lot of experiences from CHina (I lived 4y in SHA) and I can cook “healthy” variety of dishes at home, but my favorite recipe is “Beijing duck”. Bye. Kamila


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