The World Coolest and Beautiful Libraries

The Worlds Coolest Libraries (Click the picture to see more…)


–the Bibliotheca Alexandrina

Readers’ Choice: 20 More Beautiful College Libraries From Around the World:

Tama U Lib

 Tama Art University Library, Tokyo

Every Tuesday, step by step, Frizz is  walking with us from A to Z. Thanks to Frizz for hosting the Challenge

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42 thoughts on “The World Coolest and Beautiful Libraries

  1. The one in Tokyo is absolutely stunning 🙂 This is what libriaries should look like, open spaces with a lot of natural light; my only concern is that a gorgeous green view would keep me distracted and urge me to go outside 😉


      • Happy weekend to you Amy. I am travelling for 9 days tomorrow and will not be able to visit you till I return, but I will post on Thursday and see your post at night :). Keep well.


          • Hello sweet Amy. Sorry for not coming to see you dear. I am on Corsica – very busy sightseeing. Yes, my vacation adventures are a bit exaggerated this year – spending my last savings to fight depressing situation with work (both my and hubby’s). This island is wonderful, and I am trying to forget all of my problems for a while. xo


  2. very nice collection – i love libraries, usually a great way to get away from hustle bustle outside. just sit and relax surrounded by many books. 🙂 perfection.


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