Limmeuil, France


Of all the places we have visited in France, small villages, like Limmeuil (above) and Sarlat (below) will always stay with me. 

sarlat–Sarlat is a small town located in the Périgord Noir in France.

Italy hiking trail-1Our second time hiking journey along the Ligurian Sea was as good as the first time, we walked through many beautiful hidden spots.

Italy hiking-2

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I hope my blog buddies don’t mind seeing the Limmeuil and the trail pics again 🙂

So glad you stop by!  Happy week 🙂

35 thoughts on “Limmeuil, France

  1. So many stairs! Quite a workout eh. Nice that the ones you’ll never forget are non touristy places. There’s something really good about a hike that other things can’t beat.


    • I was surprised I could finish the long hiking trail 🙂 I’d love to see these charming towns again, like “open an old book again” feeling 🙂 thank you for visiting.


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