Mackenzie was a sweetie, well-mannered, patient, gentle, and sensitive (almost too sensitive). I miss her and will miss her forever.

A few weeks ago, when Doda came back from her long break, she did a post for her beloved Edward, I mentioned to her that my sweet Mackenzie died in April and I was still grieving…

Doda said to me that she was sure that her beloved Edward and Mackenzie met and were keeping each other company…  It was very comforting. But, I knew our Evan wouldn’t be there; a few years ago, he left us, perhaps, went back to Alaska where it’d be too cold for Edward and Mackenzie.

Thank you, Doda for your comforting words. Hope you get to see Mackenzie’s photo.

Btw, Evan was a cool guy, he had been with us for 14 years– “If Going To Heaven…”

22 thoughts on “Mackenzie

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  2. We lost our cat, Pixel, earlier this year and are still grieving. Miss him so much! We will get another cat soon but you never “replace” a pet, each one lives long in your heart. I grew up with King Charles Spaniels and I have such fond memories of them all. If I didn’t live in a flat I would have dogs too. Spaniels just have the most lovely nature. Your Mackenzie looks beautiful and I completely understand your grief.


  3. What a beautiful and sensitive looking dog she was. Grief takes so long to soften, and we never forget the soft fur and wet noses of our animal companions. You have me thinking now of the long line of fur friends passed……


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