Adler Planetarium, Chicago

“The stars in order twinkle in the skies,
And fall in silence, and in silence rise.”        — William Broome, 1689-1745


American southwest used walls and windows to note the season (c.1100):


Chinese astronomers watched the sun’s shadow move each day to measure the length of the year. (c. 1200):


Astronomers at Machu Picchu watched the rising of sun through windows to mark holy days (c. 1500):


These ancient methods foreshadowed the later astronomy development… Photos were taken at the Adler Planetarium, Chicago.

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42 thoughts on “Adler Planetarium, Chicago

  1. Hi Amy, I like the double meanings you have embedded in your post: ancient methods foreshadowing modern ones, and one physical phenomenon foreshadowing subsequent changes.


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    • Nah…That is such a big compliment, Rommel! If I’m doing a little better job on posting, that is because I got much support from you when I had only a few readers; and I also think your comments inspired me to think further than posting pics. Wanna take this opportunity to thank you 🙂


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