Elephant Eternality

The shape of the Elephant Trunk Hill is like a giant elephant standing by the river drinking water with its trunk. That’s how the hill was named.


Like everything we’ve seen in China, the Elephant Trunk Hill has a couple of different stories. Here is one of the two stories… A long time ago, the elephant got bored in Heaven, so he decided to come to earth to pay a visit. He came to the Li River and fell in love with it.  Meanwhile, God noticed that the elephant was missing, he immediately sent people to look for him. When the elephant was found, he refused to go back, and that irritated God. God then threw an arrow at him while he was drinking water by the Li River. But, the elephant refused to fall, instead he turned himself into a rock.


The pagoda on top of the right side is described as the arrow.

This story has been passed on for centuries in the area. It reflects how beautiful the Li River was (still is), that the elephant would leave Heaven to come to the Li River and give his life to stay there for eternality  🙂


The Elephant Trunk Hill stands where the Li River and the Peach Blossom River meet. Here is the one of the many beautiful views of the River:


Thanks to Frizz for the cool idea of A to Z challenge enabling us to share our thoughts, stories, and photos.  You don’t want to miss Frizz’ EEE Challenge!!

35 thoughts on “Elephant Eternality

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    • The country has such a long history, and each region, city, and town has its own culture and history. I’m so glad we took this “grand” tour to China, only wish we could spend more time there…


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