Sculptures: Chicago

The sculpture of Agora, located in the south end of Grant Park in Chicago, is designed by Magdalena Abakanowicz. It is comprised of 106 nine-foot tall headless torsos made of cast iron.


The name Agora refers to the urban meeting places of the Ancient Greek city-states.


Edward Kemeys’ lions are among the city’s most beloved and recognizable sculptures in Chicago. They are standing in front of the Art Institute of Chicago on each side of the building.

During the week of June 28th, these two lions were wearing the helmets to join the big celebration of the Blackhawks hockey victory  🙂


According to the Chicago CBS, on June 28th, about two million Blackhawks fans crowded city streets downtown of Chicago and packed into the Grant Park for the victory parade and rally.


Take a look of Ailsa’ awesome sculpture post and other entries!

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31 thoughts on “Sculptures: Chicago

  1. Wonderful stuff Amy… particularly loved Agora – it reminded me of Anthony Gormley, the English sculptor’s wonderful piece on a beach in the North-East of England. Over two hundred figures of people standing on the beach, gazing out to sea, some in the water, others in the sand, stretching for over a mile on the wild coastline…
    Motionless silver figures… so arresting…


    • Thank you so much for sharing the work of Gormley. Two hundred figures in the wanter and sand stretching for over a mile … what an astonishing sight!
      Have a nice day, Valerie!


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