Curved Roofs

 Weekly Photo Challenge Curves: Curved Roofs

The curved roof is an important feature of the traditional Chinese architecture. But, why curved roofs? Here is the story:


Curved roofs came to be known during the Han dynasty (206 BC – 220 AD). At around that time, multi-storied buildings began to appear and new styles of roofs were developed. And, roofs were constructed without nails, so the interlocking brackets were used to hold the layered pieces of the ceiling.


In addition to their aesthetic appeal, the large overhangs of the roof provided extra protection against rain and sunlight. Also, roofs featured sweeping slopes, upturned leaves and tiled corners.


Why curved roofs? Buddhists believed that a curved shape could ward off evil spirits since evil could only move in straight lines.


— Source from GB Time by Stina Björkell:

A modern pavilion is sitting by the lake gracefully in Guilin:


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