WPC: The Sign Says


While waiting to pass the entrance gate at the Beijing airport, I saw a line of beautiful signs hanging above us. Each says “Welcome friends”, in several different languages. The one in Chinese was using the Confucius quote: “To have friends coming in from afar, how delightful!”.  And, both “friends” and “delightful” characters were enlarged in the sign.

This was the first photo I took when I arrived in China.


“There is a border line when you come in. when it comes to service, your satisfaction will always be our goal.” the sign says.

The image of the Chinese knot posted on the left side of the sign symbolizes “Love and Friendship”.

This was the sign I saw when I was waiting to go through the security gate at the Shanghai airport. I walked toward my flight gate with a smile. Coincidently, this was the very last photo I took before I left China.

Take a look of the greepeace post: poet4justicedot.

More fun sign posts, click here. Enjoy the weekend!

34 thoughts on “WPC: The Sign Says

  1. How very welcoming 🙂 Is it a great sense for tourist industry or a genuine hospitality? In any case it should make anyone welcome and happy to land there 🙂 A great post, Amy!


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  3. How Fascinating Amy … you give us nuggets of information and history and culture that no ordinary tourist guide would think to notice… you have a real gift for finding and noticing the unexpected and intriguing…


    • Thank you so much, Valerie! I’m encouraged by your comment. The world indeed is a fascinating book. Thank you for letting me share with you!


  4. looks friendly – whereas our news channels are always telling horrible stories about bad working conditions, oppressed artists, restrictions vs. a second child – leading to the idea to kill the babies – last week on TV a new born rescue out of a pipe …


    • This was why we postponed our visiting China until now. I came back and thought, in this part of the world, we are facing child/women abuses, kidnapping, killing, guns, drugs, and many other unthinkable problems almost every day, yet we don’t let the negative part overpower the positive side.

      People in China told us the dramatic changes occur every year. I’m sure they have frustrations, but we saw kids are well taken care of, youngsters open minded, education is emphasized, and elderly people getting financial support from the government. I often see family travel together, in Great wall and Xi’an for example, in a group of three generations, people eat in the restaurants happily at large round tables with relatives, kids, and elderly grandparents and push their parents’ or grandparents’ wheel chairs in the park and streets in the evenings, elderly people gather in the square during daytime playing cards, talking, or tai chi… Nice to see people well connected with others and elderly are cared by their families.


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    • Thanks for the conformation, Madhu! I also think that when people moves beyond survivability is when ordinary people begin to sense the dignity and pride, and that is when the positive changes come.


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    • I just came back last week. It was our first time visiting China. We traveled with a small group, at the end we all agreed that it exceeded my expectations. If you need some details, I can email to you.


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