WPC: The Sign Says


While waiting to pass the entrance gate at the Beijing airport, I saw a line of beautiful signs hanging above us. Each says “Welcome friends”, in several different languages. The one in Chinese was using the Confucius quote: “To have friends coming in from afar, how delightful!”.  And, both “friends” and “delightful” characters were enlarged in the sign.

This was the first photo I took when I arrived in China.


“There is a border line when you come in. when it comes to service, your satisfaction will always be our goal.” the sign says.

The image of the Chinese knot posted on the left side of the sign symbolizes “Love and Friendship”.

This was the sign I saw when I was waiting to go through the security gate at the Shanghai airport. I walked toward my flight gate with a smile. Coincidently, this was the very last photo I took before I left China.

Take a look of the greepeace post: poet4justicedot.

More fun sign posts, click here. Enjoy the weekend!

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