It’s Earth Day

Last November Zeebra Designs & Destinations posted an amazing story. It was about a young woman, Miranda Gibson, who “spent 449 days in a tree sit watching over the World Heritage value forests of the Tyenna.” If you haven’t seen it, take a look:

Defending Tassie’s Forests 

Join the Movement: Lean how to recycle e-waste, protect clean air, and more


24 thoughts on “It’s Earth Day

    • Thank you for the link, Tina! I love how you said about these majestic trees –that’s because there are really no words to describe them!
      Thank you for teach us to appreciate nature through you lens!


  1. Tierra tus pulmones arrasados
    por las fábricas que te suplantan
    para acabar tu mirada al sol
    dejando rastros de vergüenza
    y hambre, oprobio entre opulencia de otros
    revolcándose en la miseria humana.

    Al fin del camino, del tiempo y del lugar
    todo pasará
    pasará la vida y el color fenecerá
    muerta el alma solo quedará el amor
    por todos tus confornos, Tierra,
    como único resto de verdad.


  2. She is a real heroine… sadly she had to come down I read, quite recent;y,. when we had hurricane strength winds go through there….
    THanks for giving us her story Amy, and spreading the word…


  3. a selfless young woman whose heart is with the forests, how can ewe ever thank her for all she has achieved … please watch the video and add your name to the petition to save those world heritage area forests … thanks amy, a remarkable story to share 🙂


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