Inspire or Destroy

Though this post was for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge, I think this may also be  appropriate for the WPC: Unique theme.

Fire can inspire or destroy — usually at the same time                    ~Zachary Woolfe

Sculpting with fire:


Karen Cusolito’s sculpture is a pyrotechnic garden, includes a 14-foot-tall dandelion and flames jetting from its 24-inch-long seeds. –Smithsonian Magazine, December 2012

The next time you find your self lost in thought while gazing at the fireplace ablaze or even a solitary candle flame, consider this: Being mesmerized by fire might have sparked the evolution of the human mind…. The most enduring tool that fire ever made might just be the human mind.   ~ Thomas Wynn


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Note: 1,200,000 Average acres of U.S. woodlands that burn each year.

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