Walls: Pergamon Museum in Berlin

Ailsa’s travel theme: walls

The First Babylonian Dynasty was established in 1894 BC.  At its height, Babylon was one of the largest, most important cities of the ancient world. It was located between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers

The Ishtar Gate and the wall were dated between 604-506 BC. Both gate and wall were reconstructed in the Pergamon Museum in Berlin, 47 feet height and 32 feet width:


Based on the study, the city walls were 11 miles long and had at least eight monumental gates. Here is the model of the eighth gate:


A close look of the glazed stones:




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31 thoughts on “Walls: Pergamon Museum in Berlin

    • I think you both will enjoy it. I like the hop-on-and-off bus #100 takes you to all the tourist stops. You may like Hackescher Market — fun place to eat, shop… 🙂


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    • Thank you so much for the link, Frizz! the Berlin wall was the symbol of people’s struggle and suffer for freedom. It was very moving to be there honoring these people who lost their lives. 40 years of separation was a long, brutal, and heartbreaking for a mother and son…


  2. Ha, I was going to post photos of the Pergamon and Ishtar in my own wall blog, but I had so many entries I had to cut them. I wonder if it would have been as embarrassing as two women wearing the same dress to a party. . . ;o)


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