The Athens National Archaeological Museum

After touring the Acropolis and cruising part of the Aegean Sea, we spent a good amount of time in the Athens National Archaeological Museum and the Byzantine Museum. “The boy riding on the horse” statue was a well-preserved treasure. The size was rather impressive, 9.5 ft long and 6.9 ft high, and dated between 200 BC and 140 BC:

There were several exhibition rooms of ancient Greek metal pots, jewelry, and tools.  As you may notice that forms and shapes of the pots and tools have not changed much since the ancient time.

The Byzantine Museum was surprisingly small. Though the Byzantine Empire has a long history, from 330 to 1453, but most of the treasures were destroyed by the Ottoman after the fall of Constantinople in 1453.

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37 thoughts on “The Athens National Archaeological Museum

  1. While those pictures are fantastic, I wish I was the museum myself. There’s something special in standing in the presence of something that existed thousands of years ago, made by hands that have passed on.


  2. The boy on horseback is astounding. The thought that struck me as I went to the National Museum in Athens was how much more sophisticated they were 2,000 years ago than the art, and implements we had 200 years ago. Great pictures, Amy. Thanks for sharing. 🙂


      • I looked at that statue for quite a while and marveled at the details. I didn’t think that “mankind” had learned that much about anatomy to be able to do that kind of work. That work is over the top. I haven’t been there since 1987, so I’m sure exhibits have changed somewhat, or I just missed it. Being in a place like that, you don’t forget the experience. Are you friends with Eternal Traveler? Carol and you would be very good friends if you are not already.


        • I’ll check it out. I saw some incredible Chinese metal and stone work dated thousands of years ago… I’m like you wonder how they could be this creative and artistic when they lived in the condition they did and struggled to survive…


          • Yeah, and I’m retired and so busy, I’m wondering how to cheat on making a post tomorrow!!! I just typed up my to do list after my three meetings today so I don’t forget anything. I forgot to even call into one of my phone conference meetings on Sunday! Just FORGOT!!! Yikes!!! I haven’t even had time to think about sewing or knitting, let alone creating something unique and beautiful like a sculpture!!! OK I’m ranting. A little frosting, please!!! 🙂 hahaha


            • I think When people have the freedom they end up doing to many interesting things that you won’t be able to otherwise. It looks to me your blog and quilts/sewing/kitting can eat up 14 hours a day, but you attend conferences, meetings, travels… no wonder you forgot your phone conferencing. Slow down a little, maybe. 🙂 Have fun!


              • I will eventually slow down. Right now I still have a lot of responsibilities, and I guess I take responsibilities pretty seriously – even though I have a lot of fun. The good news is that the people I work with on all of these committees and organizations are wonderful friends. Like all of you – and my new blogging community- they are a major part of my life. But right now we have a major conference coming up for one organization, a website redesign for another, and two events to attend for a third and I just joined a local Kiwanis Club because I am good friends with one of the major recruiters!!! So forgive me Amy for venting on you. It’s a happy vent. 🙂


  3. I thought that people probably have seen enough of the gold mask photo on the Internet. You are truly a world traveler with great knowledge, Madhu. Gonna have to careful posting… 🙂


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