Jan Hus

Jack’s Sunday Post for this week is Concept.

concept-1Jan Hus (1369-1415) preached a century before Martin Luther. Both were college professors and priests. Both condemned church corruptions, as Vatican had been the center and interpreter of God’s words for a thousand of years. Hus was burned at the stake in Germany, Luther survived (due to the printing press, Luther was able to spread his message widely.)

This monument was unveiled in 1915 to commemorate the 500th anniversary of Jan Hus’ martyrdom by fire. The statue presents the concept of freedom. There, Hue looks proudly at the Tyn Church (the leading church of Hussite doctrine) and stands tall in the Prague Old Town Square.

concept-2The statue of a mother with her children behind the statue of Hus symbolizes the rebirth of the Czech nation.


Jan Hus: “In 100 years, God will raise up a man whose calls for reform cannot be suppressed.”  

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