Trajan’s Column

Story challenge from Flickr comments for this week is letter “T”.

Trajan’s Column was inaugurated by emperor Trajan in 113 AD.  It detailed scenes from the campaigns, beginning with the Romans preparing for the war and ending with the Dacians (now Romania) being ousted.

The height of the Column is about 138 ft tall including the base. There are approx. 2,500 carved figures depicting the story of Trajan’s Dacian wars between 101-102 and 105-106 A.D.

The top was crowned by a statue of the Trajan, but it was disappeared in the middle age. In 1587, Pope Sixtus placed it with the statue of St. Peter (looking toward Vatican).

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18 thoughts on “Trajan’s Column

    • Na-ah.. There is just too much to see in Rome. I’m sure some of monuments and ruins you visited and I missed it. Your comment makes me feel good that I can share a tiny piece of the history with the world traveler.


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