Geometry (2)

“An architectural genius sent down by heaven to bring new form to an architecture that had gone astray for hundreds of years.” — Vasari

–Doumo, Florence

After a hundred year of construction of the Duomo, the structure was still missing its dome. In 1420 Brunelleschi won the competition to bridge the 138 -foot gap; it  was completed in 1436– after his death.

The dome’s springing point stands 177 feet above ground level. The number of bricks used in the structure may exceed four million. The drawing of Duomo on right is from Wikipedia.

“Heaven willed that Filippo should leave behind him the greatest, tallest, and most beautiful structure of all those built in modern times as well as in antiquity…” — Vasari’s “Life of Filippo Brunelleschi

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46 thoughts on “Geometry (2)

  1. I thought that sounded familiar, so I looked through my photos, and sure enough I have a picture of a tiny tiny part of it. For some reason I was fascinated with Giotto’s bell tower (campanile), although I couldn’t have named either one. What a beautiful place. I especially love your geometry on geometry! Lovely, Amy!


  2. Gosh, that’s a beauty, isn’t it? I love churches, cathedrals, ruins. I love mooching around in them. What is a curved dome? Differential geometry I think. Nicely done. 🙂


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    • Florence is an amazing historical city. I used to take a year to plan and study the history of these places before we paid the visit, and I also carry the photocopies of my readings with me…


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