Din Tai Fung

Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreign

The steamed Chinese dumplings are foreign to many of my friends.

Din Tai Fung is famous in making these dumplings. In the late 90s, it was selected as one of the top 10 restaurants in the world by the NY Times. But, decades ago, the founder struggled to sell steamed dumplings to support his family. Then, years later, it became a high-ranked restaurant in Taipei. When the business passed on to the 2nd generation, the new boss raised the bar and perfected the making of dumplings, plus other authentic Chinese cookings. For example, they standardize the folds (that close each dumpling) to exact 18 folds by hands, they insist on using organic chicken for chicken soup and on using high quality flour, etc.

Their business has been expanded to Los Angeles, Seattle, Beijing, and Hong Kong, we have been eating in LA and Seattle a few times. The waiting time can be longer than 45 minutes after 5 pm and Saturday/Sunday. It’s amazing one could turn a street vendor food into one of the top 10 restaurants in the world.

A couple of examples:

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