WordPress Photo Challenge for this week is Silhouette.

The photo above was taken at the Palatine Hill.

The Hill is 230 feet above Rome; it gives magnificent views of the city and the Forum Romanum. During the 27 BC – 476 AD several emperors resided there, including Augustus (the first Emperor of Roman Empire).

Below is part of the Palace of Septimius Severus,193-211 AD. This enormous building was supported by those giant arches:

The next photo was taken in Orvieto. Orvieto was a major center of Etruscan civilization. The origins of the Etruscans were lost in prehistory; they could be originated from the Northern Italy or the Near East (Wikipedia).  During the 12th century, only Orvieto and Avignon (in France) had papal palaces outside Rome.

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33 thoughts on “Silhouette

  1. These are really wonderful silhouettes! Although the craze was begun on the human face, I think a great building silhouetted against the sky is far more interesting – especially when, like your shot of Orvieto, there is balancing foreground detail.


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