Ostia Antica

Jack’s Sunday Post for this week is City.

Ostia Antica was Rome’smain port and commercial center. During its peak time, between the 2nd and 3rd century, Ostia reached some 75,000 inhabitants and became a center of keeping more than a million Romans fed and in sandals.

With the end of the Roman Empire, Ostia fell slowly into decay, and was finally abandoned in the 9th century due to the repeated invasions and sackings by Arab pirates..  — Wikipedia

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We took a day trip from Rome to Ostia Antica in 45 minutes. Wandering around, we saw the remains of docks, warehouses, apartment flats, temple, and theater. It reminded us that Ostia was once a prosperous city.

Here is a 2:39 minute film about the great architecture in Ostia Antica during its peak time, based on the archaeological studies. Click here.

Be sure to visit Jack’s Sunday Post and see the incredible creative images he did, and other entries.

34 thoughts on “Ostia Antica

  1. Hello Amy :). You have shown me something I had not known about before… I’ve been to Pompeii and Naples, but still need to visit Rome and Ostia 🙂 I am loving this post.


  2. I loved Ostia Antica almost as much as Rome, and better, in some ways. It felt so real to me, I could envision their lives. Loved the menu of the tavern painted over the bar. Great pictures and description.


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