Weekly Travel Theme: Food

Ailsa’ weekly travel theme for this week is Food. She introduces great eating experience in NYC. I also have a few fun photos to share with you.

The chef in the Toronto Chinatown was ready to serve roast duck, chicken, and pork:

The chef started preparing in the early afternoon for an outdoor feast for a couple of hundreds people in Sarlat, France.

We had fish pasta, grill seafood, anchovy pizza… when we were in Monterosso, Italy. We also had a unique seafood dish– fish, shell-fish, crab, mussel, and more were cooked in a heavy pot.  It then was served in a 16″ diameter bowl:


Chinese Dim Sin is prepared with varieties of bit-sized food in small baskets or plates. This dish was made like a lobster and filled with lobster meat:

The waiter brought a beautiful desert to our table, he politely said that it was decorated specially for me, so I could take a picture and bring it home…

— Bordeaux, France

27 thoughts on “Weekly Travel Theme: Food

  1. Yum, and gorgeous pictures, too! The only time we were abroad, we went to Ireland. Um…Ireland is not a place known for their exquisite food. Of course, the scenery made up for it!


  2. Wow lots of great examples. Funny how China town in Toronto is so similar to life in China! I’m going to have to go and walk around before I head back to China in a few weeks and see what else is similar 🙂


  3. Great photos, that lobster-shaped dim sum is adorable, and the dessert looks delicious. Good presentation really adds to the experience of a delicious meal, doesn’t it?


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