…it’s time to be generous

It tells stories about love:

How one can bear one’s pain while sustaining helpless people with love.

How one renders freedom to loved ones, but has to learn to free oneself.

How one endures loneliness for decades while continuing to believe in love.

How love is about taking responsibility, but not about paying the price.

and stories of life:

How one values the lives of others, but would give up one’s own life.

How one’s life is not always fulfilled by the one you love, but by the unexpected and unpredictable.

How life is embraced with love and joy, also pain and sorrow.

How one determines to not give in to terror by risking one’s life to make a difference.

How one thinks of one’s loved ones when one sees the beautiful sunset moving toward the horizon, yet it doesn’t sink into the sea.  At that moment, one realizes: “Tutto è veramente bello!” (Everything is truly beautiful!)

All were told in this 6-hour movie– “The Best of Youth”.

My favorite quote:

Sara: What should I do?

Nicola: I don’t know, it depends on how strong you feel… Are you happy now? 
Sara: Of course I am! 
Nicola:  Then, it’s time to be generous.

4 thoughts on “…it’s time to be generous

    • I finished in four days though. BTW, I used a lot of tissues. Someone posted it on the Youtube, search under “the Best of Youth part I”. Each part is 10 minutes, total 37 parts.
      May need a little bit patience for the first hours or so; then the stories start to expand. I made my husband watch the DVD with me; he even commented, “great movie!”.


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