National Archaeological Museum, Athens

“They are silent vehicles for passenger willing to travel back in time through art to touch the origins of self-awareness and self-importance.”  –National Archaeological Museum

The prehistoric collection displays objects  the Neolithic era (6,800-3,000 BC):

Early and Mid Bronze age (3,000-2,000 BC and 2,000 to 1,700 BC respectively):

16th to 15th BC:

Ceramic collection from the 12th century:

Jewelry collections from the 16th to 14th BC:

An amazing huge and incredibly beautiful bronze sculpture. “The work is a fascinating example of the human passion which artists of the peak period of the Hellenistic era succeeded in infusing into their most inspired works. It was found in pieces, in the area of a shipwreck off the cape Artemision, in north Euboea. Dated 220 BC”:

550-540 BC archaic style statue of a woman:

Art of Greece that influenced Renaissance:

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