“If going to heaven…”


“If going to heaven is by merit, all dogs will go and people will be left behind.” — Mark Twain

Here is the last part of the memoir of Evan after he passed away:

Perhaps, July 4th was a good day for Evan to take a ride to Alaska, while the sky across the country was lit by firecrackers and the air was filled with music, where he could be an awesome lead dog. I’d like to imagine that when we visited Alaska, Evan’s spirit would be there.  He’d love to show off his running talent in the forever stretched wild country.  He’d look so dignified with his head and chest up and his silver hair shinning in the majestic mountainous scenery.

Below is MacKenzie. She is a sweet, sweet kid, always well-mannered, wants to please us, yet is very sensitive… Because the attention she got from us, Evan was very jealous of her. He refused to sit side-by-side with her, he  turned his back on her… MacKen just patiently followed Evan but kept good distance. Months later, Evan decided to accept Macken and he looked after her like a big bother.

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