Phoneography Challenge: Black and White


I was aiming the top window of the the chapel; unexpectedly, I caught the sun rays on the wall. It looks much better in black and white. I re-touched it here and there, this is my final version…:


Visit Sally’s creative Lens and Pens and many beautiful black and white photos.

“When the primaries (blue, red and yellow) are mixed the result is close to black, but is not a black black. White is seen when the spectrum of colors are reflected off a surface, and none remain.”   — Sally’s Lens and Pens


Have a great week :)

30 thoughts on “Phoneography Challenge: Black and White

  1. What an unexpected and nice surprise you got when you developed your film. :)
    Unfortunately I usually get the opposite effect. I think I have a wonderful shot and then get a not so nice surprise. :(

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