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The Museum of Photographic Arts at the Balboa Park in San Diego has a collection for youth (K-12) photos. There you can view the places and people through the eyes of young kids. Among all the photos, this one named “Old Boots” caught my eye.

Why a pair of old boots? The young photographer explains, “These are my dad’s old boots, well it’s history for me. He’s had these boots since he was 17, and that was a long, long time ago. He said these boots have seen lots of adventures out in the world. I think the wrinkles on these boots look like the ones on my dad when he smiles.” He is only a 3rd grade student.

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Happy Friday :)

27 thoughts on “Tagged B: Boots

  1. Glad you mentioned this as we are going to San Diego during spring break. The kids would enjoy such an exhibit as both are aspiring photographers.

    • I had an impression that the exhibit was going to end in Feb, I could be wrong about the date. They may have other youth photos for display. Btw, the mini trains at the lower level of the Train Museum is a must for kids and adults.

    • Thank you, Doda! I loved his comment and was surprised that a 3rd grade kid would notice wrinkles and compare with the boots :) Enjoy the weekend!

    • Italian shoes are the Best of the best; and all your shoes are Italian, Drake!!!
      OMG, the Salvatore Ferragamo! Thank you for the video, Love these beautiful legs :D

    • He does have the sensitivity, and use his dad’s boots to express… That’s why I love this photo :) Thank you for letting me share it with you, IT!

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