7 Super Shots

Madhu nominated me for the Hostel Bookers 7 Super Shots. Viewing her impeccable photos, reading her eloquent writing, and touring her world travel experience always leave me with an immense “urge to wander” as her blog title describes.  After a long and debating with myself, I made final choices.

It took a couple of days to get to the town and almost a day-long hiking to locate this 5 million years old Earth of Pyramid in Dolomite, Italy.




–A photo that takes my breath away
Orviato, a small medieval town in Italy, is situated on top of the plateau. While strolling in town, I turned my head to the alley and saw this romantic scene; this beautiful young couple. He put his arm around her, and she was leaning toward him, the arch gate was right above them, and two lovely dogs were walking along with them on each side.

Luckily, I had my camera with me and had only a few seconds to capture the moment.


–A photo that makes me smile

This photo was taken in Hawaii. The scenery of the white wave, deep blue sea, and long stretched beach made me dream.

– A photo that makes me dream

New York City offers lots of international cuisines and fun eating experiences, but this duck dish was prepared to its perfection:


– A photo that makes me mouth water

On our last day in Rome, we decided to re-visit Vatican in the afternoon. When we were wandering in St. Peter’s Basilica, suddenly, security guards were everywhere, they guided us to the side of the hallway, and we had no idea what to expect.  A few minutes later, a long line of the Monsignors, Bishops, and Cardinals walked in the Basilica, then Pope John Paul walked slowly through the hallway. I wasn’t sure we were allowed to take pictures of Pope John Paul in the Basilica, and I saw everyone seemed to be numbed there. I nervously and quickly hold my camera and took this precious photo.

On Saturday, April 2, 2005, at about 15:30 CEST, John Paul II spoke his final words,”Let me depart to the house of the Father”.  The Mass of Requiem was on April 8, estimated over four million mourners gathering in Rome and between 250,000 and 300,000 watched the event from within the Vatican walls.

pope 5


–This is a photo that tells the story of Pope John Paul

“If I were not King of France,” declared Henry III in 1574, “I would choose to be a citizen of Venice.”

Emperor Charles V would have his portrait painted by none but by the  Venetian master Titian.

Napoleon described St. Mark Piazza as “the most elegant drawing-room in Europe.”



– A photo that makes me think about the glorious history of Venice

Archangel Michael reassured the bishop, “If you build it…they will come”. Today, 3.5 million visitors come to Mont Saint-Michel each year. The original church structure was completed in 1144, and other buildings were added in the 13th century.

Opening the window of our hotel room in the early morning, I saw this beautiful scene, sun was right above the water, the sky was awaking, and the winding river… :

Mt Saint


– A photo that makes me most proud

And, I said to myself, “the world is a book….” (Saint Augustine).

Take a special tour of Madhu’s “7 Best Shots” and enjoy the urge to wander.

Five nominees (no special order):

38 thoughts on “7 Super Shots

  1. The Earth Pyramids are absolutely breathtaking! That and the street scene from Orviato are my favourites, but they are all wonderful! You did good Amy :-)

  2. I truly enjoyed reading and visiting your world through your pictures. Great shots and narration. My favorite shot is the photo that makes you smile. Congratulations.

  3. These are gorgeous, Amy. What a stroke of luck to see the Pope – it’s all in the timing they say. I think my favourite is Orviato. Great capture. And thank you for the nomination. This is going to be a real challenge, to measure up.

  4. Great selection, Amy. That first one is amazing. I’ve never heard of this place, but now I see that they are also called “Fairy Chimneys.” :) That duck looks so delicious. I’ve had some excellent meals in New York. I also love your last photo the best. What a lovely view. Well done on the challenge.

    • It’s located in the Alpe di Siusi, we stayed at Bolzano; the place was not well guided and promoted for a good reason. That window view is the Mont St. Michel that I always remember. I appreciate your nice comment!

    • It was challenging to find the Earth of Pyramid, they probably want to preserve the place; and there is no place like Venice… Thank you for commenting, Lisa!

  5. beautiful photos!inspiring too! brought back many wonderful memories! make me want to travel again! Thanks! Lydia

  6. Congratulations, Amy, on your superb collection – super shots all! Though I have to say the Earth Pyramids in the Dolomites will be the shot that stays in my memory – extraordinary in every way!
    Many many thanks for your nomination – I’m touched and very grateful – but unfortunately Madhu nominated me too and I couldn’t manage a second round – I’m still agonising over my selection. :)

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