Cee’s Fun Foto: Green


IMG_8431 (1)

Portland is green and beautiful. Sergio, our tour guide, took us to the Multnomah Falls, Horsetail falls, and Latourell falls. He explained that this water fall area can get 200 inches of rain annually. He went on, “Amy, you guys don’t get more than 2 inches a year in Texas.”  

Well, Sergio, let me show this photo. Does this look like we don’t get more than 2 inch rain a year? :)  


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1 Day 1 World Review

Thanks to Lisa’s wonderful idea and vision for the 1 Day 1 World Project!  It started in May at 11 am and ended October at 11 am. Lisa had been dedicated to the project. While we were resting, she was sleepless in Seattle. :)  See her REVIEW… 

I made only thirteen entries for this theme, included the cruise trip, food, fun activity/festival, a small book review, and deer/swans/dogs, stared from Alaska to Spain ,Portland, and ended in Texas. The most popular one was the 7 am to 8 am and 8 am to 9 am.    

Hi Jude, Thank you for your encouragement and sending me the reminder, “Are you going to…?” Thank you, Patrick for bringing Maggie to the 1 day 1 world, I am going to miss her… 

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Milkweed Bug Walk For Jo’s Monday Walk

Oct OP_-2

Milkweed bugs are seen between April and early August. It was nice a surprise to see them during this time of year. They probably were confused by the abnormal warm weather of October. These bugs were only 1 cm long, a little smaller than the ones I saw in July.

This little guy was walking pretty fast on the Milkweed leaf.

Oct OP_-3

He got closer and closer to the vine:

Oct OP_-5

Within a few seconds, he was up on the vine:

Oct OP_-6

Oct OP_-10

Milkweed bugs use milkweed as their primary source of food. After feeding on milkweed plant or seeds, the insects accumulate toxic glycosides in their bodies. This, combined with warning orange color, protects them against predators (aposematism). All milkweed bugs live up to 4 months. These bugs probably won’t be able to survive for long since almost all the pods have gone for the season.

The milkweed pod below (on the right) caught my eye. See how the dried pod curled up toward the vine after releasing all the seeds. Doesn’t it look like a little hanging basket to you? 

Oct OP_-12

This picture below may give you an idea of  the actually size of the dried milkweed pod, and you can imagine how tiny the bug is:

Oct OP -02

Spiders have been very busy making designer webs :)   




I didn’t see any flowers in the woods this time, but discovered a few beautiful web art works by spiders and a couple of delicate pod baskets. :)

Here is the POST I did during the peak time of the milkweed:


 Jo is taking us to the Easby Abbey this week… What a grand walk, thank you so much, Jo! 


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Broken Leaves


I have learned that it is not always enough to be
forgiven by others,

broken leaf

Sometimes you must learn how to forgive
your own self;


I have learned that, regardless of how much you might suffer,

the world will never cease running because of your pain…

~ Octavian Paller

This is part of the poem of  “We Have Time...”.  Octavia Paller’s poem was originally posted by Seeker– “In between times …is NOW“. 

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Transmission of Light



Upon entering a denser substance, transmitted light slows in speed. If the light enters at an angle, the light’s path bends. This bending is termed refraction.    

~ Cooperative Institute for Meteorological Satellite Studies

I like how the CIMSS defines the refraction (WPC for this week). They also provide a diagram to explain the theory:


I snapped this view from my hotel window when I was out-of-town for a business trip.  The airplane showing at the bottom of the photo was a nice surprise. :)   

Cathy shot of a Tarpon late in the afternoon while diving on the Lighthouse Reef Atoll in Belize. Her stunning shot is a perfect and beautiful photo example of refraction! Click HERE...

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A Good Heart…

For Monochrome Madness week 34


 Forgive yourself for the blindness that put you in the path of those who betrayed you.

Sometimes a good heart doesn’t see the bad.

~ Iyanla Vanzant


Many blogger/photographers are sharing their remarkable mono photos in Leanne’s MM photo gallery. Leanne’s full moon photo is stunning! Take a look of these 64 photos….

Leanne's sfull-moon-eclipse-clouds-lunar

 In “Your daily life” article, Ivon said: 

“…We are more alike than we are different although we lose sight of that.”  

Thank you so much for sharing your insights and wisdom, Ivon! Take a moment to visit his blog.  Click HERE



A Vast Dream Site

Sagrada Familia

Sagrada Família-11

Sagrada Família-0001-3

Antoni Gaudi has turned Barcelona into a vast dream site and created the grand Sagrada Familia interior space with infinite possibilities.

Gaudi died on June 26, 1926. His vision and dream didn’t died with him, most of his work still remain unfinished.


Talking Dog…

For 1 day 1 world Project : 11:00 am to 12:00 pm

dog 01

dog 02

“I had my own blog for a while, but I decided to go back to just pointless, incessant barking.”   

~ Talking Dog, The New Yorker

dog 03

Lisa said, “While this is the last original post in the 1 Day 1 World Project I have one more entry planned for next Sunday, October 18th recapping our virtual day. I hope you’ll come back to see all 24 photos together…”  

Thank you Lisa for this great theme.  I love it and have had a wonderful time playing. 

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Jo’s Monday Walk: OP Schnabel Park

Trees rocks-02

O. P. Schnabel Park covers 202 acres. It was purchased by the City in 1964. The site was noted for its many oak trees, mountain laurels, and many other native vegetation.

lake 01

Mr. Schnabel was widely known for his efforts to “keep San Antonio clean and beautiful,” and mounted many clean-up and beautification campaigns. Because its natural beauty was in keeping with the interests of O.P. Schnabel, the park was renamed in his honor in 1977.


A long paved path was completed four years ago, which connects the OP park with four other local parks from the north part of the city to south. With both paved and unpaved paths, this park offers a range of paths and activities for people of all ages.  There are several 0ff-path mountain biking paths, and mountain biking has been very popular during the weekend.

white flower-01

Whenever I get to visit there, I can always discover some unusual, beautiful wildflowers in the woods.  The center part of these white wildflowers is a little over 1/4 inch.

weed green-01

The weather has been at around 90 F (30 C), 10 degrees above the normal temperatures. Luckily, we had rain last week, it brought back some wildflowers. :)

wildflowers purple-2

Every once a while, I run into deer in the woods. 


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When Will I See You Again (Alhambra part 4)

see you 1

The Gardens of Alhambra is the closest thing on earth to the Quran’s description of heaven.

The Generalife (means ”garden of the architect” ) with its palace and gardens was built as the summer residence and country estate of the Nasrid sultans of Granada. It is one of the oldest of the Moorish Gardens. 


There are elaborate well-manicured gardens divided up by trimmed hedgerows, vegetable patches, green labyrinths, and walking paths. 


Many trees in the Alhambra Gardens were planted more than 600 year ago. 

see you 03

see you 02

“On such heavenly nights I would sit for hours at my window inhaling the sweetness of the garden, and musing on the checkered fortunes of those whose history was dimly shadowed out in the elegant memorials around.

…all was open, spacious, beautiful; everything called up pleasing and romantic fancies.”  

~Washington Irving “The Alhambra”

see you 4

When will I see you again?


Thank you for giving me the pleasure of sharing the four series of the Alhambra with you!

(Note: “When will I see you again?”  Song by The Three Degrees, 1974)

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Alhambra 9-5 4

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Alh pt23

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gardens-pt3 01