WPC: Endurance


Endurance is nobler than strength, 


and patience than beauty.

~ John Ruskin


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Monochrome Madness Week 30: Unloved Flowers


A weed is but an unloved flower.

Ella Wheeler Wilcox (1850-19190), an American author and poet

weeds flying-4

weeds flying-3

 These B&W photos are designated to Leanne’s Monochrome Madness 30.

Leanne got 55 monochrome entries for the MM 29There are so many remarkable, creative photos in the MM gallery. 

Visit Leanne Cole Photography, I always get to view inspiring photos, read fabulous stories, and learn how to take better photos. Thank you so much for your effort, Leanne!!




Travel theme: : Noise

Denver was the NFL’s No. 1 Loud Crowd. Since moving to the new stadium the volume and the record have fallen due to the width of the new stadium:


When the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders are out at the stadium before the game begins, 90,000 fans yell “Are You Ready?!!”


University of Texas Longhorn Football Stadium,the current official stadium seating capacity of 100,119:

UT Longhorn-1

San Antonio Spurs won the 5th NBA crown in 2014! 


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1 day 1 world: 7 am to 8 am

deer 2

I was delighted to see these deer when I was taking my trail walking. It was a peaceful morning, deer were there enjoying their breakfast before 8 am.

This young deer was walking through the woods, but he/she was not along. Mom, dad, and big brothers were keeping eye on her/him behind the trees:

deer 1

I love Lisa’s idea of having “1 Day 1 World Project”. As Lisa said,  “One of my note pad ideas is a 1 Day 1 World project designed to capture daily life moments, one hour at a time, until we reach a full day. “, Lisa said.  

It would be so much fun if you’d join the project and share your moments one hour at a time. And if you’re unsure about how to go forward, Lisa have a few inspiring ideas. Read more…..   

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Phoneography and Non-SLR Digital Photo Challenge: Black and White

trees and trial

The above photo was converted into B&W without further editing process. The copy below was edited through the FX Studio. 

FX ed

Here is another set:

dead branch-orginal

The above is the original copy through iPhone and the copy below has been processed twice through the Snapseed using both the b&w and  drama presets.

dead branch

I really enjoy Charlie’s Seattle Trekker blog. I have learned so much about plants and how to appreciate flowers from his post. He occasionally introduces videos that touch your heart. The most recent one that Charlie puts out, the ‘Carry On’–Why I stayed, is must-watch video; it touches your soul:

“is the story after the cameras stopped and the TV stations went home. This is the story of Dartanyon Crockett, Leroy Sutton, and former ESPN producer Lisa Fenn who formed an unlikely family and altered the course of each other’s lives; and without knowing it they touched ours as well. This story is about the privilege of knowing special people, how they change themselves, and in the process they change those of us that they will never meet.”  — Charlie

He says, ” I don’t normally run videos over 3 minutes; this is the one exception in the last five years.”  I normally think 3 minute video is too long, but I watched the entire video. Thank you so much for sharing, Charlie. Click Here.

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Jo’s Monday Walk: Walking along the river

One of the fun things to do while walking along the river is watching the birds, ducks, and geese. These two young ducks are having fun paddling in the river.

little duckies1

I was happy to see Mr. Goose. Mr. G is standing there and looking at the water, wondering…goose

He is not alone though. Mrs. G is standing next to him.  She knows what Mr. G is trying to do, she goes, “The water doesn’t look good, I wouldn’t drink it.”


Mr. G is not listening. You can tell that Mrs. G is annoyed…

ducks & geese_-2

Then Mrs. G walks to the other side. It looks like she is trying to tell Mr. G to stay out of the water.

ducks & geese_-4

But Mr. G insists on drinking more water. This time Mrs. G turns her head away…  

ducks & geese_-5

A little further away, a teen duck is showing off his new tricks in the river:

ducks & geese_-10

ducks & geese_-9

ducks & geese_-7

He splashes, circles, dives… pretty entertaining. No…, he is not trying to impress me.

duck having fun

These folks are watching him by the river, and, of course, he knows they are there. The green duck likes what he sees, “Go buddy!!”. But the rest tell each other, “We do this all the time!”

ducks & geese_-11

These three ducks are right behind them, they mumble, “Here we go again…”

ducks & geese_-12

I took these photos while taking my Saturday morning walk last week. :)  All happened within a few minutes. 

Enjoy Jo’s fabulous ILHA DA CULATRA walk and join the walk. Click here.


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It Is Perfectly Incomplete


~Queen Isabella



This painting shows the last Moorish King, Boabdil (left in Black) surrendering the keys to Granada to Ferdinand and Isabella.


Alhambra is the last and greatest Moorish palace, high-lighting the splendor of that civilization in the 12 and 14th centuries. Today, Alhambra attracts up to 8,000 visitors a day.

Alhambra 9-5 1

Alhambra 9-5 4


This is how Washington Irving described Alhambra in his “Tales of the Alhambra”:

“The transition of the tour of magical… We found ourselves in a great court, paved with white marble and decorated at each end with light Moorish peristyles… in the center was an immense basin or fish-ponds… At the upper end of this court rose the great Tower of Comares.”

Alhambra 9-5 5

Alhambra 9-5 6

Queen Isabella added only one Catholic statue to the Moorish Alhambra Palace. The interior of the Alhambra remained relatively untouched.

As he handed the key to Ferdinand, Boabdil started to dismount and bow before Ferdinand. But Ferdinand would not let him, honoring his former foe as a worthy adversary. Humanity

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WPC: Humanity

hum 1

The sole meaning of life is to serve humanity.

Leo Tolstoy

hum 2

The colored version of these two photos were used more than a year ago for different topics.  I think the black and white version is appropriate for this week’s special theme, which was initiated by my blog friend, Nicole.  Nicole has devoted enormous time and effort to promote humanity for a long time; and it has been her commitment and her great passion. Please do visit her remarkable trip to Ethiopia or click here. Congratulations, Nicole! 

WPC: Humanity

Cee’s Black & White Challenge: Faraway in the Distance


Segovia, Spain

It looks like the clouds in these two photos add new dimensions to the landscape and stretch the distance a little further.

IMG_8459 (1)

Toledo, Spain

This is how the Li River has been described, “One hundred miles Li River, one hundred miles art gallery”. Indeed! 

Li River-2 

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Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Contrasting Colors



Visit Cee cool contrasting color post and other entries, click here Since you are here, wanna take a look of the full moon I captured on Monday night?full moon 1

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